The 6 Best Sporting Venues to Visit in Dallas

Dallas hosts some of the country’s most impressive stadiums and tracks. If you’ve never been able to attend a sporting event in Texas, it might be time you head on down to experience some good old southern hospitality while cheering for your team or racer. If you are from Texas, chances are you’ve been to at least one of these venues.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite stadiums and sporting venues in and around Dallas that you simply have to visit at some point. Let’s get started straight away.

#1: Dallas Cowboys Stadium

Also known as the AT&T Stadium, The Dallas Cowboys Stadium is one of the top-rated sporting and entertainment venues in Dallas. Whether you want to view some art or watch a game, it’s a fantastic venue with impressive facilities.

#2: American Airlines Center

One of the top-rated arenas in the country is situated in Dallas. The American Airlines Center was completed in 2001 and has since then hosted a string of great sporting events as well as some of the biggest music shows in the country.

#3: Standridge Stadium

Standridge Stadium is situated in Carrollton. It is one of the older sporting venues in Texas, and has hosted some of the biggest sporting events since 1963. The stadium is also open to the public for using the facilities such as the swimming pool.

#4: Gerald J Ford Stadium

Home to the SMU Mustangs, the Gerald J Ford Stadium offers world class sporting arenas and acts as one of the best sporting event venues in the state of Texas. From pro NBA games to rowing and football, you’ll be able to attend a wide range of exciting sporting events here.

#5: Moody Coliseum

The Moody Coliseum is situated within the Gerald J Ford Stadium and has recently undergone major renovations. The arena has been home to SMU basketball since 1956 and has hosted major names in music including the Rolling Stones in 1969.

#6: Mesquite Arena

Keen for a little bit of rodeo while you are in Texas? Then you should head to the Mesquite Arena. Home to the Mesquite Championship Rodeo, here you will be able to watch professional bull riding and rodeo while feasting on delicious BBQ buffet available at the arena.

Wherever you are in Texas, you are bound to find an exciting sporting event to attend and a great arena or stadium to boot. Whatever type of sport fanatic you are, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to exciting sporting events to attend.